Offers & Lessons

What better feeling is there than to be able to ski smooth and phenomenal in every possible snow and weather condition? Our offers and lessons will help you make that dream come true.

Red  Slope  Deal *

If you are a beginner we have a fantastic offer for you. For only CHF 990 you can take as many lessons you need throughout a season to be able to ski safe and sound on red slopes. Everyone is different when it comes to their learning process and we acknowledge that. Spending a lot of money until you are able to finally enjoy skiing is history by that. Best deal in town!   Book now  


Freeride Clinics

To ski offpiste and enjoy powder snow gives a sensation of easiness and floatation. In our freeride clinics you will be given all the important inputs to make 'powdering' more fun. From the right technique through how to minimize the risk to make it a safe offpiste experience. In our populous Alps every serious and responsible freerider also holds the obligation to inform oneself about designated and marked wildlife preserves and respect them.  Book now

Federal act on high risk activities / Listing of persons with licence 


Carving Clinics

If you are into carving our ski school provides particular lessons about it. Due to the shape of the modern skis it is possible by solely gliding along the ski edges to do turns without losing any obvious speed. This dynamic feeling can be reached relatively fast, nonetheless the proper performance of this specific ski form needs to be practised as well. Our instructions and informations will help you to have more fun while you feel the need for speed.   Book now  

Personal Coaching

Maybe you already know that there are differenciated ways of skiing and realize where you need to get better or simply which ski form appeals the most to you. In this case we work and train thoroughly on the desired form so you are able to ski smooth and silky and develop for every future challenge on or off piste the appropriate motion answer. There are plenty of forms to choose from!   Book now  


Ultimate  Wintersport  Experience **

Try out the most interesting snow sports while you are here and explore hidden talents or maybe your new favourite sport. Rental gear and a full day inductory course included. Go sporty and dive into the fascinating world of telemark, cross country skiing and take a relaxing ski tour to tip it off. Days can be taken separately throughout the season. Yes, you need to be that sporty!   Book now 

Telemark  Lessons

Learn with us the most fascinating snow sport ever.   Tele-ho!  


You need to take that important phone call? This deal needs to be set and done right here and now? Your CEO demands that you are reachable 24/7? Well, not in this course. Participants of this offer agree not to take the even most important business call during the duration of the lesson.  Vacations are for relaxation - theoratically. In reality, often there's a feeling that one needs to have another vacation after the initial one because the aim to unlax and rest wasn't quite accomplished due to obvious reasons. With this offer, you will certainly get a momentary rest from your 'mobile office' and make the most out of your lesson. Book now



V.I.P. Leisure Week *

Let yourself treat you like a queen and king in our leisure week. We bring you around in our ski area, show you the best slopes, unique and cozy mountain restaurants, take you deep into the famous alpine après ski and tell you where the places are to go eat and go out - skiticket is included with this package. At the end of the week we will invite you for a tasty dinner at the restaurant dilTuT which is run by farmer's wives of Flims - you will get treated with their delicious specialties. No doubt, you will remember Flims as a royal place.   Book now  

Guided  Ski  Tour **

A guided ski tour is a great way to experience nature unplugged and recharge your batteries anew. We choose a beautiful ski tour in accordance to your preferences and abilities to make your winter holiday here special and memorable. Walking up with your skins on, ahead one single powder run makes you feel less consuming your snow sport fun but actively contribute to it. A more intense and reduced way of experiencing our winter wonderland that makes you feel humbled. Gotta earn your turn!   Book now  

Federal act on high risk activities / Listing of persons with licence

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* Limited numbers of deals available / during holiday season and between February and March limited availability of lessons / up to three persons can participate, lessons need to be held together / ability to perform (general sportyness, experience of movements, comprehension of snow sport e.g.) necessary for learning success

** sufficient offpiste skills required for these activities