With the Ski School Veraguth in Flims, your stay in our beautiful region, surrounded by the world nature heritage Sardona, will be the perfect addition. Experience a fun and genuine time while you are out and about in the snow with us. 

Our exclusively fully certified snow sports instructors will pass you on the great joy of snow sports with competence and authenticity. Whether you are a beginner, need to fresh up your general technique, wanna go into carving, always were longing to learn that right offpiste turn or wanna do a relaxing ski tour, you will enjoy an educative and interesting time. Our tuitions are held in private lessons to make efficient progress. Those are performed after up to date didactical, methodical priniciples to ensure noticeable and sustainable improvements of your motor abilities and skills. Since skiing better means way more fun and gives you great confidence, also for your daily life.


Maybe you ask yourself "why should I take ski lessons, I'm ok the way I'm skiing". Because inside you lies much more potential than you would think. Improving and optimizing is an universal necessity. By adapting this concept solely to the business field and the realization that self-actualization is rare, the wish to exert activities which give sense of meaning and purpose lingers deeply - consciously or unconsciously. Working on your ski technique, experience your body with its possibilities of movement and notice real progress makes you feel alive again. To ski properly in such beautiful mountain scenery gives timeless joy with true gratification. It let's you comprehensively develop your personality, makes you happier and more satisfied. 

Our ski school delivers a positive learning environment. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with you on your goal and make you soar. 

He who does not advance, goes backwards. 

With this in mind,

Claudio Veraguth

Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of Higher VET and Education Supervisor

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