Telemark is not only the original way of skiing but also the most fascinating. What seems impossible - to do the same things on skis but with free heels just way more gracious - becomes reality with the right technique, proper body tension and big thighs. Every time entertaining to watch skiers look on their face while you pass them with style and speed. Not to mention the feeling you get out of it when you're powdering and paint the smoothest lines into the snow since the evolution of the disco ball. Groovy.

The original way of skiing with its mix of power, elegance, individualism and sense of freedom is still unconquered. With progressive and sophisticated equipment there is no end of pushing the boundaries. Telemark is perfect for skiers who seek a new challenge and more physical demand while doing snow sports. It improves coordination skills, power endurance, the physical performance generally and in addition is easier on knee joints. Telemark's typical step change has a harmonic and an extraordinary natural feel to it which appeals in both the biomechanical and muscular aspect of it.

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free your heel and your  mind will follow.  


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