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Grown up in Flims and with the professional degree as a ski instructor, I will be the perfect addition for your ski holidays around our beautiful world nature heritage site. Discover with me the amazing ski area of Flims Laax!

As a federal certified snow sports instructors, I will pass you on the great joy of snow sports with competence and authenticity. Tuitions are held in private lessons and performed after up to date didactical, methodical priniciples to ensure noticeable and sustainable improvements of your motor abilities and skills. 


Often, the majority of snow sports enthusiasts enjoy their passion solely in perfect weather conditions. We all love a sunny ski day. Downside is the frequency of snow sports guests on the mountain is distinctively high on those days, which means extensive queueing and crowded slopes. Or, if the executed ski forms don't match the envisioned level, the ski equipment is brought into question. Functional ski equipment is necessary to perform. Though the predominantly factor comes down to proper ski technique.  This is where taking ski lessons help. Working on your ski technique, experiencing your body with its possibilities of movement and notice real progress is a mind opener. To ski properly in such beautiful mountain scenery gives much joy with true gratification and meaning.

I offer a positive learning environment and have the knowledge and expertise to work with you on your goals and help you achieve them. You will enjoy an educative and interesting time on the snow.

He, she, her, him, they, those, thems, thou who does not advance, goes backwards. 

With this in mind,

Claudio Veraguth

Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of Higher VET 

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